Allie's Urban Assault

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Allie's Urban Assault's MOTD as of April 17th, 2009

Allie's Urban Assault (full name, "<ACR> Allie's Urban Assault") is a Half-Life Deathmatch server run and maintained by Allie Cat and NetSurfers. It is currently running the Oz Deathmatch modification on unique settings.

Most weapons have been modified (using Oz settings) to have a very fast fire rate and have a large ammo capacity - for example, the shotgun has a capacity of 125 shells before needing to be reloaded. The players also spawns with all weapons available at his or her disposal. On top of this, everything has been made faster including weapon reloading rates and running speed making this is a very fast-paced server that is comparable to one hit kills settings (because players can shoot so fast). The server also features an alternating selection of custom maps and a quite constant player base.

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