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Gang Garrison 2 is a freeware, open-source, fan made game and "demake" of Valve's Team Fortress 2. It essentially transforms the 3D environments as shown in Team Fortress 2, and converts them into a 2D, 8-bit game with retro sensibilities including the sounds and music. The game was started by a team of three people consisting of MedO (programming), mrfredman (artwork), and Synnah (sound). It was first released on August 7th, 2008 (version 1.0); the current release is version 2.1.4.

The game is fully multiplayer and works very much like Team Fortress 2's interface to do things such as changed options and host or play games. Elements such as the Steam interface have been faked and inserted into the game to parody the original game. Valve's introduction splash or intro page has also been parodied with a more pixelated and suitably retro logo for the fictional company, "FAUCET".


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Borrowing fundamental ideas and concepts from Team Fortress 2, players can choose one of nine different classes, each with their own set of skills based on their counterparts from Team Fortress 2. Some changes arise in the skills and equipment of each class as they have been simplified for the reason of both technical and gameplay constraints in the game. There is two game play modes currently supported: capture the flag, which involves teams trying to capture each team's briefcase and capture the point which requires players to stand on control points to gain ground.

Secret Class

Included in the game is a hidden or secret character (referred to as "Huh" in the Readme.txt) which can be selected by first going in your class selection menu and then pressing "Q". You will spawn as a character Secret chargg2.gif from the game "Cave Story".

In previous versions of the game, the character itself was an alternate version of the soldier with a higher rate of fire and is smaller, therefore harder to hit making it a very unbalanced character. It now shoots and controls bubbles that knock opponents away but also alternatively throws a sword that does a substantial amount of damage. As of beta 39a, servers now have the option to set the cvar "secret_characters=0" which will disable secret characters.


Although the game is referred to as 8-bit and sometimes even a 16-bit game, it truly is neither, since many elements have different graphic resolutions. For example, the maps or levels have less resolution than the character sprites; however, some effects (such as smoke or explosions) have much more resolution than any other element.

The game itself is written and created using proprietary software application called Game Maker. The game also uses 39dll, a networking extension for Game Maker, created by 39ster and developed into an extension by the_doominator.

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Version List

Official Public Releases

  • gg2 (1.0)
  • gg2a
  • gg2b10
  • gg2b11
  • gg2b12
  • gg2b13
  • gg2b13b
  • gg2b14
  • gg2b15
  • gg2b16
  • gg2b17
  • gg2b18
  • gg2b19
  • gg2b20
  • gg2b21
  • gg2b22
  • gg2b23
  • gg2b24
  • gg2b26
  • gg2b27
  • gg2b27b
  • gg2b27c
  • gg2b28
  • gg2b32
  • gg2b36d
  • gg2b38
  • gg2b39
  • gg2b39a
  • gg2b40
  • gg2b40a
  • gg2b41
  • gg2b42
  • gg2b43
  • 2.0
  • 2.1
  • 2.1.1
  • 2.1.2
  • 2.1.3
  • 2.1.4

Unofficial Releases

  • gg2b27d (Glib build)
  • gg2b29
  • gg2b36f


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