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Half-Life Deathmatch AMXX Mods is a website dedicated to Half-Life Deathmatch AMXX Mods created by Vaughn Royko (also know as TaRgEt*TuRkEy). The website was mentioned on Planet Half-Life by John Phillips on July 23rd, 2008. The scripts or plugins (or mods) featured on the site are available to download or modify, as the source code is also available to view.



Stealth Crowbar

This plugin was originally designed for counter-strike by myself. This plugin allows players to enter "stealth" mode when using the crowbar. Which means, players lose visibility, have no footstep sounds, and have third person view. Most of these abilities are configurable with the cvars.

Damage Effects

Adds extra effects when you take damage. Your screen will flash red, simulating blood and also shake. Both of these can be enabled and disabled through cvars.

TuRkEy Equip

Gives players a 357 instead of a pistol, then gives them a random weapon or item. You may turn off the 357 spawn whilst keeping the randomized weapons/items by using the supplied cvar. This is kind of a weird plugin because it essentially has two different functions, or ideas, but that's why I call it "TuRkEy Equip" because it's kind of a personal thing.

Varied Weapon Speeds

This plugin creates a more dynamic feel to weapons in Half-Life by varying the maxspeed based on which weapon you are holding. For example, you can run faster with a crowbar than you can with a rocket launcher. You can control maxspeeds using the cvars on the fly or in server.cfg/listenserver.cfg. I used entity names for the cvars instead of official weapon names (ex: tau cannon = guass).

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