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Half-Life Library, the website you are currently browsing, is a Wiki-based repository of pages, categories, media (images/video) related to Half-Life, the Half-Life universe and moreover, anything related to Valve products.


Intro Message

Welcome to the Half-Life Library, a virtual bookshelf to all things Half-Life and Valve.

Half-Life Library is a Half-Life and Valve wiki where anybody can edit and add as much content as they want. This site focuses more on user generated content like custom maps, modifications, videos, models, clans and more for all of Valve's games.

There is room for anything relating to Half-Life at all, we are all about keeping the memories and stories of Half-Life's past and future, just like a real library. At the Half-Life Library, retaining nostalgia is our main driving force. This means whether you have a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch clan, a Counter-Strike server, a Team Fortress 2 video, a full-fledged Source modification or any combination of the above, a page is waiting for you to create.

The Half-Life Library is in its infancy, as such there isn't many pages/articles, but you can help change that by adding more. To begin adding and editing, you must register an account. If you would like to find out more, please visit our help page to get all the details about how to become a librarian/historian here at the Half-Life Library.

Half-Life Library contains 189 articles since August 2008. A detailed number of statistics are also available.


The MediaWiki software and platform, that Half-Life Library currently uses is a great tool for information preservation as all changes and edits are recorded indefinitely. This preservation relates to the underlining goal for Half-Life Library which is about preserving information for future uses and historical value within the gaming industry.

Some more information on this subject can be located on the following websites:

Restrictions & Obscurity

Due to some of the obscurity of some of the topics and pages, Half-Life Library does not follow the same guidelines and restrictions as say, Wikipedia, for instance. Sometimes the only existing information on a subject is held in the memory of a single person - this is substantial enough for commentary on the subject; however, should be stated as such in the page so as not presented as fact.

The only restriction that a page must follow is it needs to be one of the following:

  • Related to Half-Life
  • Related to the Half-Life universe
  • Related to another Valve product, service, news post

Help & More Information

Please view the Help page.