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If you have come here, that means that you want to contribute or at least want to find out how to. That's great! We are always looking for people to become Half-Life historians by writing and uploading new (and old) content. Like previously stated, Half-Life Library is a Half-Life wiki with a different take on things.


Getting Started

Before you can write, edit or upload anything you must register. This is to prevent spam, but also so you may upload files to go a long with your contributions.

Writing, Editing, and Uploading

For a complete editing guide, visit the MediaWiki Editing page. It uses itself as a reference, but most of everything should work on any MediaWiki site.

To upload files, go to the upload file page. The file limit size is 2 megabytes; unfortunately since some map archive files are larger than this they will have to be linked to a separate download page. Make sure when you are uploading image files that they are not too small and not too large. Make sure they are compressed, but not too compressed. Compression level 8 for .jpeg and .jpg is ideal.


As any wiki site grows, many inconsistencies in style arise. There are only a few rules or guidelines at this present time:

  • Player pages are to be created without their clan tags present in the title, although you are free to create a clan page for them as well. For example, a player page should be named "PlayerNameExample" rather than "[Clan]PlayerNameExample".
  • Clan pages are to be created without their abbreviation in the title, although you may create a redirect link from such an abbreviation. For example, a clan page should be named "Clan Name" rather than "-[CN]-".
  • Due to naming restrictions, some servers that have brackets in their names cannot be created. In this case you may either leave them out, or if they are part of a clan name, you may leave out the clan name completely and feature the full name at the beginning of the article. This may also be an issue for projects, modifications, or anything really - use your best judgment.


On Half-Life Library, you do not have to cite your sources, considering much of the information stored on the site is taken from personal accounts or recollections. If you want to cite your sources (and the source still exists), by all means, please do so.

Custom Features

Like any good wiki, Half-Life Library is packed full of extensions and custom features to help people create good content. Here is a brief overview of what some of those things are:

Contribution scores is an extension that will tally up all contributions by all users that are registered on Half-Life Library.

VideoFlash is an extension that will allow you to place flash videos into your page. Below is the list of all the supported websites and the tags used to insert them:

  • <videoflash>youtubeID</videoflash>
  • <videoflash type="googlevideo">googlevideoID</videoflash>
  • <videoflash type="sevenload">sevenloadID</videoflash>
  • <videoflash type="revver">revverID</videoflash>
  • <videoflash type="youku">youkuID</videoflash>

More information at the VideoFlash Extension Page.