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Penguin baby render
Penguin baby model as seen in-game

Penguin_baby is a Half-Life Deathmatch skin or model created by Kevin Ottalini (aka qUiCkSiLvEr) and released on March 15th, 2003. It was converted and animated into a usable player model from the Opposing Force distribution that had a penguin with a grenade on his back that acted somewhat like a Snark.

It is a half size model which means in the Half-Life engine, the hit boxes are not transposed on the size of the model, rather they stay in the same spots as a normal sized model; therefore, to hit the model in the head for example, you would shoot above their body. Smaller sized models are largely criticized for this reason which is why Kevin Ottalini made a full sized version as well called "Penguin".



Penguin_baby.txt as supplied by the author:

March 15,2003  Penguin_baby Skin by qUiCkSiLvEr

Title                   : Penguin_baby (cute little fellow lol)
Author                  : qUiCkSiLvEr
Web Page                :

Description             : Half-Life (HLDM) Player Model of a Penguin_baby

Additional Credits to   : [USA]Rev for paying for my copy of MilkShape that
			  let me create this model.

                          Also, to DocRock and and BabyKitKat for inspiring me
                          to convert this model and create a monster version
                          for a new map.

This is a converted and re-animated player model of a Penguin_baby created from a mesh
that originally came from the OP4 distribution.  The original Penguin_baby was a small
monster model that had a grenade on its back and acted somewhat like a snark.

This model mesh was converted and rescaled, with skeleton and animations
that were converted and scaled from a variety of different Half-Life models.

This version is a 1/2 sized model, about the same size as the original mesh.

If you don't like 1/2 sized models, just copy the full-sized penguin.mdl model
to the Penguin_baby directory and rename it Penguin_baby.mdl

All model work was done in Milkshape 1.6.5.

All of the graphics work was done using Microsoft Imager2,
Wally, Photostyler, mgi Photosuite, and any other tool that
let me do what I needed.

I created the entire mesh in one session, about 2 hours total time.  The
animations took another 2 hours and there were several hours checking all
the animations (LOL, you should have seen what it looked like at Cucamonga
Chunk O'Phlem with 8 or 10 Penguin_babys fragging 8 or 10 Spongebobs, it was
totally hilarious!).

This model is a a full sized model.

This model has the following statistics:
Verticies: 134
Triangles: 178
   Groups: 1
Materials: 1
   Joints: 24

All in all, an extremely fast and good looking model I think!


Files included:
Penguin_baby.mdl - The Penguin_baby model file
Penguin_baby.bmp - The picture you see when selecting the model in the game
Penguin_baby.txt - This text file

Place Penguin_baby.mdl, Penguin_baby.bmp, Penguin_baby1.bmp and Penguin_baby.txt in a new folder
called Penguin_baby, in valve\models\player folder in your Half Life

This model should NOT be distributed in any kind of commercial
compilation, product or package without my personal approval.

This model CAN otherwise be distributed freely as long as this text
file is included, unmodified, with the package.

And PLEASE don't extract the skin and draw a mustache or remove the
clothes from it and release it to the world as yours, don't be lame.
(thanks to NSi for the notice).