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Portal - Still Alive typography is a fan created video by Trickster and released on August 27th, 2008. It uses a mixture of typography (type) and imagery to move along the song, "Still Alive" from the soundtrack and game, Portal. The video was created using Adobe After Effects and various graphics, some of which are from Portal including the cake icon, as well as the Aperture Science logo. Stylistically, it can be considered a typographical motion graphic video. On September 26th, 2008, it was featured on a news story at Planet Half-Life.



Due to the video's popularity, many motion and graphic designers alike have watched and critiqued certain elements. Most have commented on the poor choice of typeface, spacing, kerning, padding and overall placement of the elements. Others who have worked with Adobe After Effects have also pointed out the use of default motion effects being overused or not customized for use. Many have commented on other things such as pixelized imagery (rather than using vectors) and even typos. Since then, Trickster has gone on the record saying that he is not educated or trained as a designer at all and made the video as part of learning Adobe After Effects. He has; however, since uploaded a corrected version on Vimeo which fixes the spelling error.

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