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Sassilization is a unique persistent modification built in Garry's Mod 10 created by a team of people including Sassafrass, in which the game is named after. The game is a mixture of Real Time Strategy and Role Playing where players can buy permanent upgrades and miracles to use in the Real Time Strategy portion of the game. To buy such things, players can accumulate gold or "dough" which can be earned by winning games, donating to the server, playing card games, as well as other activities in The Lounge.

In the main Sassilization game, players act as Gods among their buildings and units. During gameplay, players can place buildings, create units, sacrifice units for creed from shrines, upgrade buildings and cast miracles. The main goal is to accumulate more gold than the other players by building cities and by attacking other players. Once somebody reaches 1000 gold or has between 800 and 999 and has 200 above everybody else, that or those players will win. You may form alliances with other players through the scoreboard, or form non-formal "truces" with other players. To learn more about the game and mechanics, view Sassilization for dummies!.

Sassilization is completely persistent which means any gold, upgrades or spells are automatically saved under your STEAM_ID and your player control panel, which can be accessed on the Sassilization website. In the upcoming changes, players will be able to collect items in their inventory as well as equip items to their character such as hats.

Sassilization has a very large community where players can participate in new options inside the Sassilization such as creating their very own mini-games or playable maps. If they are good enough and meet the requirements they may be added to the map list or mini-game list where users will be able to download and play. Part of the community features is the ability to donate to receive the status of VIP which will grant you certain perks on Sassilization and the official forums.


The Lounge

The Lounge

The Lounge, also known as the lobby is a place where players can play activities such as mini-games, transfer money, drop menu, buy upgrades, read information, view website advertisements and more. The overall main function of The Lounge however, is to allow players to wait for Sassilization servers to open up.

Since the actual servers are password protected, the only way to physically get to play the main Sassilization is to be transferred from The Lounge to the server as a group of players - a minimum of five players are needed to be on the surface in front of the scoreboard before the transfer begins.


Below is a listing of all the current mini-games available in the lounge:

  • Slap Tag
  • Jump Five
  • Heads Up
  • Snipers
  • Tron Light Cycles
  • Death Match
  • Obstacle Course
  • Collect Three
  • Shooting Gallery

Donations & VIP Membership

VIP Room inside The Lounge

As an effort to receive compensation for all the effort put in to the game, players can donate real money to gain in-game benefits. For a donation of $15 USD you receive the status of VIP and the following benefits:

  • VIP icon next to name
  • Access to the Lobby's VIP floor and bartender
  • Unlimited membership
  • Double AFK kicker time
  • 50% better chance of being selected in minigames and Sassilization
  • 25% more payout
  • 5000 Dough

Alternatively you may also donate $3 USD to receive 2000 dough in-game through the user control panel.


There is currently eight Sassilization servers (including The Lounge). [#1] The Lounge (Lobby | Arcade | (no casino anymore underconsruction) [#2] Sassilization (#1) [#3] Sassilization (#2) [#4] Sassilization (#3) [#5] Sassilization (#4) [#6] Deathrun [#7] Climb [#8] Bunny Hop


Sassilization has an official Ventrilo server located at the follow ip address:


Below is a complete maplist of all maps that are played in rotation on Sassilization servers:

  • sa_castlewar
  • sa_orbit
  • sa_bridges
  • sa_olympia
  • sa_surf_remnants
  • sa_crossroads
  • sa_spoonage
  • sa_highland
  • sa_tropical
  • sa_angelsarena
  • sa_losttemple
  • sa_castlebase
  • sa_valley
  • sa_field


Below is a non-exhaustive listing of developers, programmers and other people who create or have created content for Sassilization:


  • Sassafrass
  • cold
  • Spacetech


  • Jaanus
  • Stretch
  • Burning_Grey
  • Cobra
  • Chrome
  • MacDGuy
  • Sniper
  • Bentech
  • Chaos1986


  • RandomKnifer
  • Darkspider
  • Pharenhite
  • Caesar
  • Dark Elite
  • Evil Cyborg 10
  • Flynt
  • Gotriey
  • BeatAlex
  • Contact Zero
  • Sam
  • Undead Knight
  • Sprayer

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Since there is no system in place whereby new players will play against similar new players, it is probable that beginner players will be playing with other players which are not only more skilled but also have various upgrades by which unfair advantages are gained. Many have commented that starting to play Sassilization is very hard and it is more advantageous to gain money through card games and mini-games to buy several upgrades before playing the actual Sassilization game. Social networking is also very important to beginner players as friends may help you not only with money but also may truce or offer alliances in-game.

Another constant criticism is game crashes which effects everybody that plays Sassilization. Due to the complexity of the scripting that Sassilization utilizes from Garry's Mod, the game creates an unstable environment for players that are playing. Players that crash during game play will receive no money. As the game grows through development, crashing may occur less as better scripting or code is being written or changes that occur within Garry's Mod.

The lounge has been progressively changing over to the newer version, some parts remain unfinished, such as the casino. There are also new maps that have been made yet are not being put into rotation.

Oddities, Glitches, and Bugs

Due to the complexity and on going development of Sassilization, at several stages there has been bugs, glitches, and oddities throughout its history.

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