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Science and Industry, sometimes spelled as "Science & Industry" and abbreviated as "SI", is a team-based Half-Life modification. Released early in Half-Life's "modding boom", Science and Industry had a very successful player base and hundreds of servers dedicated for players. It remained active for several years from 2000-2006 and has in its later years dwindled down to very few active players and servers.

The gameplay focuses on team-based objectives where each team are competing high tech research corporations. The objective is to essentially steal opponents scientists, steal briefcases (data), killing the opposing team and to damage vital hardware within each others base. As you advance which is determined by how well your corporations are doing by the previously mentioned objectives, you will advance in technology and abilities which are voted on by the players. You are either on the Midland Carbide Labs [MCL] team or the Amalgamated Fluorodynamics [AFD] team.

Later Development & The Future

After a very long wait, in 2006, marked the release of version 1.1 of the modification which added the tweaks, bug fixes and a final polish to the mod. It was also presented as "possibly the last update".

Science and Industry 2 was started for the Half-Life 2 or the Source engine in 2008 but was later abandoned.

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